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pep bonet
Aug 26, 2022
The Green Shoots project was inspired by the work of Roy Stryker, who launched a nation-wide photographic campaign documenting the lives of the general public in the wake of the Great Depression, the world’s worst economic downturn, during his time as the head of the Information Division of the Farm Security Administration (lFSA). The iconic images created during these efforts have come to define our shared visual understanding, not only of this period in history, but of the struggles experienced by individuals, families and communities in the face of severe economic crisis. NOOR understood the urgent need to create similar iconic works documenting the recovery of Europe from one of the biggest economic crises of our times.

Pep Bonet

Pep Bonet (Mallorca, 1974) is a co-founder of NOOR images and a Nikon ambassador.
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