Microcredit and women´s empowerment

microcredit and women's empowerment [ ]

Pep Bonet has been documenting the transformational effects of microcredit loans, often provided without collateral or credit history, on the lives of poor women around the world since 2010. The project has taken him to nine countries on three continents. “Microcredit and Women’s Empowerment” follows the stories of women who have gained and acknowledged a rightful place in their communities. We present you here the last story photographed in Bangladesh, also the country of origin of microcredit.
In an interview with CNN Photos, Pep shared: “I’ve met a lot of strong women with very good energy, microcredit is a small solution on a very big scale. People don’t get rich.”

The project now exists as an exhibition that will premier at Casal Solleric in Palma, Mallorca on 4 May.

Realized in collaboration with Treball Solidari.

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